Dremlyuh Kirill

Odessa, Ukraine; New York, United States



Born in 1972 in Odessa, Ukraine. While a high school student, he completed a course in Art and received an artist-decorator’s diploma.

Starting in 1987, his caricatures of famous people, such as actors, poets, and politicians were often published in Soviet newspapers, magazines and caricatures booklets.

Since 1993 Kirill Dremlyukh has been living in New-York, where he continues his work as a cartoonist. He has had quite a number of publications in many Russian-American newspapers, including the oldest one, “Novoye Russkoye Slovo”, the paper of record of the Russian-American community.

BOOKS: In 1995 the New York publishing house “GLANCE” published a book of Mr.Dremlyukh’s caricatures, admiring the artist’s talent. In 1998 the most famous Russian-American publishing house “Liberty” published another book of Dremlyukh’s caricatures, accompanied by the poetry of Boris Vetrov.

EXHIBITIONS: As a member of Odessa’s Cartoonists Union, Kirill participated in many local, national and international exibitions, which took place all over the world. After moving to the USA he has had about ten solo exibitions of his caricatures.

ANIMATION: In 1990 Kirill was invited to Odessa’s Animation Studio as a head artist. An animated film “Turnip”, based on the caricatures he created, soon won several prizes at Animation festivals in Zhitomir (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), and a few other cities of the USSR. While a student at the Tisch School of the Arts, which he graduated from in May, 1998, Mr.Dremlyukh continued his work in animatio
n. Two of his animated films were shown during the Tisch Festivals of Animation in 1995 and 1997.

PERFORMANCES: In 1994 Kirill organized and led the comedy team (KVN) at NYU. His team existed for two years and had a number of performances in different places (such as Taj-Mahal, Atlantic City). Its shows were twice aired by the RTN, New York’s Russian TV station. In Nowember 1995 Kirill had his full-length solo comedy night at NYU, and in December 1996 he organized and hosted a comedy night featuring the famous Russian comedy writer Albert Levin.

While only in his twenties, Kirill Dremlyukh is already well-known among his colleagues from around the world. ”

Kiril Dremlyukh is preparing for a successful artist’s, actor’s, animator’s and director’s career, God bless him!” (“Novoye Russkoye Slovo”, May 3, 1996)



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