Dovnikovich Borivoi (Bordeaux)

Zagreb, Croatia

Cartoonist, designer, animator

Born in 1930 in Osiekke.
After school, he moved to Zagreb and enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts, which has never finished. At the same time he started to study a caricature, illustration, graphic design and comics. His cartoons have become constantly appear on the Zagreb magazine “Kerempuh” and Belgrade “Jež”.
Bordeaux – one of the pioneers of the Yugoslav cartoon. In 1950 he participated in the establishment at the initiative of the magazine “Kerempuh” first Yugoslav animated film. It was founded film studio cartoons “Zagreb Film” and laid the foundations of the famous Zagreb School of Animation.
Since 1960, Bordeaux started working in “Zagreb film” as a director, artist and animator. His films have won at numerous international film festivals. In Zagreb, published the book Dovnikovicha “School of animated film” – an attempt to share with the creator of the younger generation of his 30 years of experience.
For many years, Bordeaux is part of the Executive Board Asif.
He is one of the initiators of the World Cartoon Festival in Zagreb.

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