Dogan Arslan

Ankara, Turkey

Cartoonist, illustrator, designer, caricaturist

He was born in Mucur (Ktrjehir) in 1970. He graduated from Drawing Art Depart¬ment of Gazi University (Ankara). He had his master’s degree at the Graphics De¬partment of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University. He went to United Sta¬tes in 1996 and studied at Pratt Institute (New York) for his p.h.D.
Beside cartoons, the artist is working on photography and graphics. He has contribu¬ted to a number of competitions, nationals and on an internationals. He won various awards.
He has had two solo cartoon exhibitions in New-York and New Jersey.
Arslan currently works as the head of the Department of Art & Interactive Design in the Faculty of Art and Design of Istanbul Medeniyet University. He specializes in art, design, illustrations, caricatures, cartoons and modern art. His works have been exhibited and published in many national and international galleries and museums.

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