Dias Ronaldo



Year of birth – 1951
Training – Medical Doctor
First published in – Playboy Magazine (Brasil)
Year first published – 1987
Cartoons published in – Pioneiro Newspaper (Brasil), Readers & Digest (Brasil).
Exhibitions – Many cartoon contests around the world, including Japan, France, Iran, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Brasil.
Awards – Has won more than 70 prizes around the world. The most important are: Yomiuri Shimbum (Japan), Anglet (France), Piracicaba (Brasil), Knokke-Heist (Belgium).
Books illustrated – Has 3 cartoon books published: O homem que ri (1987), Possorir agora, doutor? (1999), Sorria, voc est em extin o (2002).
Location – Vacaria-RS, Brazil.
Hobbies – Drawing and playing soccer.
Specific expertise – Medical and humor cartoons, especially captionless.

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