Дэюн Чжу



He was born in 1960 in Taipei, from the age of 4 he began to paint. In 1990, he published the cartoons The Vinegar Tribe, which became so beloved among the youth so-called Sigemannhua, that is, a narrative of one story in cartoons in four drawings.

Since 1987 he began to print books, almost every year he published 1-2 books, including in Pinkgirl reflected the completely different views of four urban women on love and their different world outlook, in The Vinegar Tribe, in his sharp and ironic language cartoonist talks about the lives of a modern group of urban youth who are windy, like parties, tempted by greed for profit, chasing money and love.

And in the book absolute children, he, with his specific humor, described the world to us, as children see him, ironically over the adult world, he again reflects on the problem of education. Zhu Deyun also portrays the naive, mischievous world of children. With his original ironic humor and deep reflections on life, family, love, society, he draws more and more readers to his work.


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