Dergachev Oleg

Canada; Lviv, Ukraine


Cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor, designer

He was born on July 18, 1961 in Rostov-on-Don, in the family of an engineer. He graduated from the secondary art school.
In 1984 he graduated from the Lviv Academy of Printing with a degree in Graphic and Designing a Book in the studio of Professor Yury Charyshnikov.
A participant of 300 national and international exhibitions of the author’s book, cartoons, graphics. Organizer of 4 international symposia of caricatures in Lviv. Three times he conducted master classes of youth animation “Silver Fly” in Florence. The founder of the phantom publishing house DO Press, in which he published more than 30 author’s books of visual poetry and graphics, including a book of cartoons “New Characters” (1990) and “Hand” (2005), published in the United States and in Ukraine.
Laureate of more than 70 international competitions in the field of visual humor and graphics in 25 countries, such as Japan, Poland, Russia, Serbia.
He has 35 personal exhibitions of sculpture, graphics, design and book. Fifteen times he took part in the work of international juries of caricatures in Poland, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.
The works are in numerous private and museum collections in many countries of the world, for example in the graphics room of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Graphics Department of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the Russian State Library, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Mönchehaus Museum of Modern Art in Germany, the Padua Museum in Italy, the Media Center of the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris and many others.
Member of the French Academy of Humor, Member of the Association of Canadian Cartoonists, Member of the Editorial Board of the IJOCA Comic Book and Caricature magazine in the USA, Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and the California Engraving Society.



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