Denisovskiy Nikolay

Moscow, Russia

Cartoonist, graphic artist, painter, poster artist, illustrator

He studied at the Siberian Art College (1911-1917) in Vkhutemas, Moscow, in G. Yakulov (1918-1919).
One of the organizers of the Society of Moscow Artists (Obmohu) and the Society of Artists-Easelists (1919-1923 gg.).
He taught at art schools in Moscow and Leningrad. He worked in the field of posters, painted for satirical magazines Crocodile, Buzotor, Behemoth, etc. After visiting the Donbass, the Kerch Metal Works and Siberian mines, he performed a series of watercolors on the topic of industrial construction. He painted portraits of Chicherin, Yakulov, Mayakovsky, and since 1931 – portraits of Stalin, Voroshilov and other Soviet leaders. Worked for the theater. His works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Perm Art Gallery; Chelyabinsk Regional Picture Gallery and other collections.

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