Demirba Ferhat

Ankara, Turkey

Cartoonist, illustrator, writer-humorist, poet-songwriter, actor

I was born Polatli in 1960. I graduated from Gazi University in 1985. I am a teacher
in a technical high school since 1986.Now, I am that adres. 1 have married and two
son and a daughter. I have drawing pictures and cartoons my early years of childhood! I was exhibited paintings ,watercoIor and cartoons during. 1983 -2002 ( 8 private exhibition ,13 group exhibite.) I have letters aprecations from slate and private society ,three plaque from various from municipality “International paradise of birds festival. National 13 September victory- festival.”                   *
My cartoons and caricatures was published on some magazines and competition albiin drawing and paintings-potrait and peysaj- many limes for Other humans.
I was worked the wallpiclurcs about kind of life and liberty. 9 times. 1 drew caricatures in a
Schoolyearsbook. I had drew caricatures in my comer that name is “Our planet ” for a daily news. I use sometimes in mycartoons    seeletor 1 drew    amblem for highschool, twiee times
1   was competited   many times    lo cartoon exhibition in Turkey and International Cartoon Exhibitions ( Japan , ,Argenlina, Ueraine, Turkey (Hiirriyet-ADV), Brasil, Cyprus, Tanzania, Litvania, Yugoslavia, Korea, Iran, Russia, Italy, Belgium. France, Holland) sinee 1997 year. BRASIL-FIHQ WAS CHOOSED 3 NUMBER OF MYCARTOONS (1 EDITORAL AND 2 GAG iN 2005. ; AGAIN THE BULGARIA-GABROVA HUMOUR AND CARICATURE MUSEUM COLLECTION OF PEOPLE THREE NUMBER OF MY CARTOONS.
I prepared  11 storybooks for the chieldren ( writing and drawing ). I wrote humor short stories and poems. I write plays for stage and radio . I made a albiim-casette- my voice and poems. I composeted 32 songs-my poems I was an actor in ‘The ‘Theatre of Turkish National Education Ministry for three years. I sometimes play on tv -series films. ADRESS:Polatli Teknik ve Endustri Meslek Lisesi (‘Teacher) POLATLl -ANKARA/ TURKEY

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