David Juan

Habana, Cuba

Cartoonist, teacher

David was born in 1911 in Cienfuegos.
At twenty years he published about thirty drawings, in which his true vocation was revealed. In 1936 David, already an established artist, began to collaborate in the magazines “Resumen”, “Sosial”, “Mediodia”, “Patria”, “Grafos” and “Bohemia”.

In 1937 the society “Liceum” organizes his first solo exhibition. In all, more than forty years of creative activity of the artist were fifteen. In addition, he repeatedly participated in collective exhibitions in Cuba, as well as in other countries and in the fourteen Salons of Humor, where he was awarded several times.

Under a contract with the Department of Fine Arts at the United Nations, David worked in New York, where, on the initiative of this international organization, his friendly caricatures were exhibited. In all, David has more than five thousand. In addition, his book “The History of the Cuban Cartoon” is being prepared for publication. Currently, Juan David is Professor of the Higher Diplomatic School of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

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