Dalponte Paolo

Trento, Italy

Cartoonist, illustrator

Polo Dalponte, painter, cartoonist and illustrator, attended the state Institute for Applied Art in Trento. In 1988 Paolo had his first solo exhibition at Castello di Stenico (Trento, Italy), to which many more followed: in Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Turkey, Iran, France, etc. Since 1990, Paolo has obtained numerous first prizes and awards in humorous graphic competitions in Italy and abroad: Belgrade, Beijing (China), Kaliningrad (Russia), Antalya (Turkey), Damasco (Syria), Surgut (Siberia), Olen (Belgium), Bangalore (India), just to name a few. Paolo interprets with irony and humour objects and shapes through the techniques of oil painting, acrylic, pencil, watercolour and Chinese ink.

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