Cholakova Maiya

Sofia, Bulgaria

25 05 1952


Graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia.

Working as illustrator, graphic and book designer.
National and International prizes for illustrations, design of postage stamps, graphic humor, ex libris. The most important of them: Plaque “Golden Pen” International Biennial of Illustration – Belgrade, 1992; for cartoon: 1st prize “Hermes de Barakaldo” – Spain, 2005; 3rd prize “Jaka Bede” – Poland, 2007; Bronze medal – 8-th FCW – China, 2009; Prize “Master”- International Biennial “Master of Caricature”- Plovdiv (Bulgaria,2011); Honorable Mentions – Smehanapa (Russia,2010), Fun in Vassilivka Style (Ukraine,2011), Newspaper Novie Izvestia (Russia,2012); Special Certificat –“Teapot Cartoon”(Turkey,2013).   Honorable Mentions for Ex Libris: International  Ex Libris Competition – Belgrade, Serbia, 2007,  International Ex Libris Competitions – Russe, Bulgaria – 2010, 2011.
Solo Exhibitions (Illustrations, Cartoons and Ex Llibris) – Sofia – 2011, 2012.


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