Chmirev Valeriy

Kiev, Ukraine

Cartoonist, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR

He was born in 1944 in Vinnitsa (Ukraine).
In 1973 he graduated from the Kiev Institute of National Economy (now Kiev State Economic University).

He started his career in 1961 in Kiev.
From 1963 to 1966 he served in the Soviet Army.
Since March 1969 in the direction of the labor collective of the plant. Artem (Kiev) worked in the internal affairs of Ukraine.
He passed the way from the police officer of the Obshc Department of Internal Affairs of Kyiv to the deputy chief of the same department.
He disclosed a number of resonant crimes related to embezzlement in especially large amounts in the system of construction organizations in Kiev, consumer cooperation, currency transactions, theft of gold, telephone network, bribery in the Kiev State Conservatory, Kiev Institute of Food Industry, cooperative construction.

Three years after the beginning of the service in the police, he was promoted to the post of department head, and two years later, in February 1975 he was appointed deputy head of the department of the Internal Affairs Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Kiev.
He graduated from the Internal Affairs Service in November 1991 as the head of the division of the 8th Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR in Ukraine on cases of minors. Major of militia in retirement.

This dualism of life was caused by a failure to enter the Moscow Art and Industrial Institute after Stroganov after finishing school in Zhmerynka in 1961.
I went to study at the railway school of vocational school № 7.
A year later he graduated with a red diploma of a turner – universal.

The first lessons of drawing received from his father Chmyrev AA – unchanged from 1945 to 1980, the artist – designer art. Zhmerynka South-Western Railway.
Helped him draw copies of paintings by Russian and Soviet artists Shishkin, Laktionov, posters, visual agitation.
But the caricature was more attractive, although he was very fond of painting landscapes. For hours he examined the filings of the magazines “Pepper” and “Crocodile”, redrawn them.
At school, then in the railway vocational school No. 7 in Kiev drew wall newspapers and cartoons.

His first cartoons he tried to print while still in service in the army newspaper of the Leningrad District Air Defense.
This happened on the 1 st year of service.
He offered the newspaper an unpretentious comic from 3 drawings.
Because of the drawing, he was in big trouble.
The newspaper saw in one of the drawings slander against the Soviet Army.
The zampolit of the military unit conducted educational work with him.
He did not do any more in the army.

His experiments with the caricature he undertook after demobilization.
He began to publish them in the newspaper “Artiomovets” (editor-in-chief Mukhransky George), then in the newspaper of the Kiev regional Young Communist League organization “Young Guard”, “Sports newspaper”, in the newspapers “Kievskaya Pravda”, “Molody Ukrainy”, “Evening Kiev” Working in OBKHSU, he did not abandon his studies with a caricature, continued to be published in various publications, adding to the list of publications publishing his Ukrainian newspapers “Under the banner of Leninism”, “Radianska Ukraine”, “Pravda Ukrainy”, newspapers of Latvia, the central mass media.

He did not dare to submit his drawings to Pepper – he considered them imperfect. However, a meeting with the artist – cartoonist Harutyunyants AS, whom he considered his godfather in the magazine “Peretz” changed his life.
Since 1978, he began to publish in the magazine “Peretz”

His mentors were, in addition to Harutyunyants AS, Zelinsky VF. – the main artist and Gerasimchuk SI.
In addition he supplied drawings editorial stories to cartoons (theme), hand-drawn illustrations and designed the book “Libraries” Pepper “, posters, news magazines.

In the early 90’s he headed the small editorial and publishing enterprise “Yurinform” of the Union of Lawyers of Ukraine.
I managed to publish the first in Ukraine manual “Taxes”, was one of the authors of tax recommendations.
Later, in 1992, self-created information-publishing agency “HR”, registered and published two issues of the magazine intelligent humor “Tee divi!” (You you look!).

In 1994, I had to accept the invitation of Ukrinbank, which since 1992 has been providing legal assistance, to deal with its economic and financial security.
After “Ukrinbank”, since 1997, he worked at the JSPPB “Aval” (later “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”) at senior positions in the system of economic security.
He retired from the bank in August 2009 as director of the department of economic and financial security.

In 2004, he first took part in the competition of caricatures “Independence” and received a jury prize.
In 2004 and 2009 his personal exhibitions of caricatures in the republican “Artist’s House” were held.
Took part in many exhibitions of cartoonists of Ukraine.

Since September 2009, actively participates in various international contests of cartoons.
Has awards and prizes.
It is published in the newspaper Ukraine Young, Internet magazines Bostonmag (USA), Finamizah (Turkey), Vsesmikh (Canada), in his blog and on the web page of the diary Liveinternet

Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2015



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