Chizhikov Viktor

Moscow, Russia


People’s Artist of Russia Born in the family of employees on September 26, 1935 in Moscow.
After graduating from Moscow Secondary School No. 103 in 1953, he entered the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, whose art department graduated in 1958.
In 1952, as a high school student, he began working in the newspaper “Housing worker”, where he received the first experience of a cartoonist. Since 1955 he works in the magazine “Crocodile”, since 1956 – in “Funny Pictures”, since 1958 – in “Murzilka”, since 1959 – in “Around the World”.
He also worked in Evening Moscow, Pionerskaya Pravda, Young Naturalist, Young Guard, Ogonyok, Pioneer, Week and other periodicals.
Since 1960, he illustrated books in the publishing houses Malysh, Children’s Literature, Fiction, and others.
Member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation since 1960.
Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation since 1968.
Member of the editorial board of the magazine “Murzilka” since 1965.
He is the holder of the Honorary Diploma named after H.K. Andersen (1980), the Order of the Badge of Honor, the Honorary Badge of the Olympic Committee and the diploma of the Academy of Arts of the USSR for creating the image of the mascot of the Moscow Olympic Games – Bear Misha (1980) and Honorary Diploma of the Council for the children’s book of Russia (1997).
Laureate of the All-Russian Contest “The Art of the Book” (1989, 1990, 1993, 1996, 1997), the Golden Keys readership competition (1996), the annual professional award for the highest achievements in the genre of satire and humor- “Golden Ostap” (1997). Chairman of the jury of the contest of children’s drawing “Tick-tak”, conducted by “Mir” TV (Russian TV channel) since 1994.
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