Bouton Bernard

Lyon, France


His first cartoon won a gold prize at the 6th Cartoon Contest in 1983 in Paris.
His personal exhibitions were held in Mouscron (Belgium, 2000), Olsztyn (Poland, 2005) and Osijek (Croatia, 2005).

The Nomination for the “Freedom and Journalism” — 2nd Eastern European Cartoon Festival  in Ploiesti, Romania (2002).
The Special prize in the “Water Civilization” contest in Bucharest (2003/2004).
The Special prize in the “Jaca bede 2004” contest in Olsztyn, Poland (2004).
He was mentioned at Speciale a Humourfest Foligno in Italy (2004).
The Third prize in Bjelocar, Croatia (2004).
The Special prize in the 5th Cartoon Competition in Karlyuk, Ukraine (2005).
The Second prize in Terrorism cartoon competition in Tehran (2006).
The Excellence in the 5th Cartoon Contest in Ottawa, Canada (2006).
The special prize in the Stuttgart Award 2006.
The special prize in Zamek Kozuchow, Poland (2006).

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