Bouschet Rene



Aka “Erby Kezako” or “R*B” is french cartoonist born and alive in the South of France. He draw and collaborates in numerous publications on Web, periodicals, fanzines, posters, various french newspapers magazines and exhibitions of digital drawings.

Erby was practically born with a pencil in the hand : the one that he “filched” to the good old Dr Martin, during the childbirth of his mother, at the flicker of the candle, an evening of the new Moon, because there was breakdown of electricity this night (authentic!). It was 60 years ago!
Considering these two jokes, Erby could only become a satirical and humorous cartoonist!!! Since this moment he has never stopped of drawn Erby is an cartonnist engaged and a little His pleasure to pursue the World’s stupidity and to draw it!

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