Brenner György


24.07.1939 - 28.01.1993


He was born in 1939 in Budapest. In 1957 he graduated from the economic technical school and joined the Budapest State Printing Office. Two years later he received a diploma in gravure printing. This new profession attracted him with his closeness to drawing. To which he aspired always, since he remembered himself. The first drawing was published in 1959. In the printing house, he worked for another 12 years and all this time he drew – every free minute. Maybe that’s why in 1971 he managed to fulfill his dream – he became an employee of “Ludash Mathi”. What attracts me to satirical drawing? (In a cartoon, a person sees himself and others with a new, sometimes unexpected side, and it seems to me that it helps him correct deficiencies – personal, and sometimes public ones), he said. He participated in group exhibitions in Budapest (1967, 1970, 1975), Esztergom (1968), Szeged (1972), Sofia (1976, 1982), West Berlin (1977), Dortmund (1980). Personal exhibitions were held in Budapest (1968), Zalazgersger (1975), Bekeshe (1975) and Sharvare (1972).
The Best Caricature of the Year in Budapest (1968), Skopje in Yugoslavia in Bordighera in Italy (both in 1970), a special award at the exhibition in West Berlin (1975), the Grand Prix in Akseshir in Turkey, the Munkachi State Prize 1976) and the Ministry of Culture award at the Biennale in Nyiregyhaz (1975)

Quotation from the book “We are visiting artists of the Hungarian satirical magazine” Ludash Math “series” Masters of cartoons of socialist countries. ”

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