Borts Yuriy

Haifa, Israel

Cartoonist, illustrator, architect

He was born in 1954 in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine.
He graduated from the Civil Engineering Institute.
He worked as an architect. I illustrated books. In 1997 he moved to Israel.
Since 1997 he takes part in international cartoon contests. Has prizes.
Illustrator of the Israeli magazine “Women.”
Member of the Association of Cartoonists of Israel.
* International Cartoon Contest Haifa Israel
* International Cartoon festival Knokke-Heist Belgium
* Biennial International Festival Tolentino Italy
* George Van Raemdonck kartoenale Belgium
* International Cartoon Contest Alanya Turkey
* International Fond Aydin Dogan Turkey
* International Cartoon Contest Mexico Mexico
* Youmiuri International Cartoon Contest Japan

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