Blazevski Tode

Skopie, Macedonia


Cartoonist, animator, essayist, animator

His artstic career began in January 1966, when in the paper Studentski zbor he published his first caricature. From then, up to now, he draws caricatures, drawings and comic strips, writes humoresques, aphorisms and essays for festivals and scientific meetings on caricatures and drawings in: Belgium (Cnoke Heist), Bosna and Hercegovina (Sarajevo), Estonia (Talin), Iran (Teheran),Croatia (Bjelovar, Blato, Zagreb, Slavonski Brod), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Slovakia (Bratislava, Piestany), Serbia (Belgrade, Yagodina, Zajechar), Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Echeshir), and Macedonia (Bitola, Demir Capia, Vinitsa, Oteshevo, Skopje, Strumitsa).
Caricatures, strips, drawings, humoresques, aphorisms and essays by T. Blazevski were published in the papers: Studentski Zbor, Osten, Mlad Borets, Nova Macedonia, Vecher, Birlik, Republica, Communist, Trudbenik, Prosveten Rabotnik, Metalurg in Macedonia, and Strshel (Bulgaria), and electronic magazine Etna, Sipak (Belgrade (Serbia), Nosorog (Banja Luka-Republic Srpska), Fenamizah and Eskisehir SANAT (Istanbul Eskisehir- Turkye), as well as in the reviews: Odbrana, Sovremenost, Stremez, Razgledi, Zbor, Koreni, Sinthezi, Z,itie, Svet, Trend, MK Revija, Мит, Виц and others in Macedonia, as well as in some compendiums, catalogues from scientific meetings and festivals held in Ankara, Turkey.
T. Blazhevski exhibited his paintings and cartoons in three solo and a hundred and ten group exhibitions. The album of caricatures of common topies entitled ,,The Zero of Vavilon” was published by T. Blazevski in Skopje during 1995. He also published the album of caricatures of political topic entitled Homo Balcanicus Epten Zanesenikus in Skopje in 1999. 2008 in Skopje he published the collection of humoresques and aphorisms I Am to Be Blamed for Everything ), (Jas sum vinoven za se), and in 2013, also in Skopje, he published a collection of essays entitled Aspects of Caricature.
T. Blazevski has produced the first animated film on a 8 mm tape entited Dilemma in 1980.Then he produced the cartoons on a 8 mm tape A Drope (Kapka), The Idea (Ideja), Pedestrian (Pesak), Ice Scating (Sliznuvanje), Orator and Tailor of Destinies. The film Ice scating was recorded on a computer and digital version by the original paper drawing in 2011. During the period between 2008 and 2013 T. Blazevski has produced the film Risk (Rizik), and 2013, and in the period from 2013 to 2018 cartoon Tailor of Destinies, in a digital form on a computer. All these films have been presented on the domestic festivals of alternative film in the Republik of Macedonia and former Yugoslavia, during the period between 1984 and 2014.

BEC, 2017

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