Blazevski Tode

Skopie, Macedonia


Cartoonist, animator, essayist, animator

He was born on May 6, 1948 in Skopje (Macedonia).
He graduated from the pedagogical school in Skopje and received a law degree in St. Petersburg.
His artistic career began in January 1966, when he published his first cartoon in the newspaper Student’s Zobor.
His cartoons and paintings were exhibited in 3 personal and 110 group exhibitions.
The album of a cartoon called “Zero of Babylon” was published by T. Blazevsky in Skopje (1995).
He also published cartoons on the political themes “Homo Balcanicus Epten Zanesenikus” in Skopje (1999).
Blazhevsky released the first animated film on 8-millimeter film in 1980.
Then he released cartoons on 8mm film “Drop” (“Idea”), “Pedestrian” (Slug) and (Orator), which were also recorded on a 16mm film.
In 2014 the collection “J Am Beamed For Everything” was published, which was published in French under the title “Mea culpa”.
The film Ice scating was recorded on a computer, in the digital version in 2011.
In the period from 2008 to 2013 Blazhevsky made the film “Risk (Rizik)” in digital form on the computer.
All these films were presented at home alternative film festivals in Macedonia and the former Yugoslavia between 1984 and 2014.
The film was in 2014 at the 76th World Festival of Non-Professional Films (UNICA), which was held from 23 to 30 August 2014 in Piestany (Slovakia).
This film was also shown at the non-professional film festival in Stramik in 2014.

Participant of international cartoon exhibitions in Cnoke Heist, Estonia (Tallinn), Iran (Tehran), Croatia (Bjelovar, Blato, Zagreb, Slavonski Brod), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Slovenia, Slovakia (Bratislava, Piešany), Serbia (Belgrade, Yagodina, Zajecar), Turkey Ankara, Escheshir) and Macedonia (Bitola, Vinitsa, Otishevo, Skopje, Strumica).

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