Bilzho Andrey

Saint Petersburg, Russia



Was born in 1953 in Moscow.
In 1976 he grduated from the Second Moscow Medical institute. The doctor – psychiatrist. The first cartoons appeared in 1976 in «Literature newspaper», «Komsomolskaya Pravda», magazine «Smena» and etc.. Since 1990 he has deen working as an the artist at Publishing hause «Коmmеrsаnt» under exclusive rights, and also as a chief artist in a comic magazine «Magazin» & «Коmmеrsаntт»
Thousands of cartoons, three author’s collections, set of cards were published. Illustrates books, exhidits as a painter. Personal exhibitions in Brussels (1990), Berlin (1991), Aachen (1993), Dusseldorf (1994), Moscow (1993, 1994 and 1996).
He worked in Museums of Modern Art in Berlin and Rome, in Gallery «Dextra» (Amsterdam), in cartoon museum in USA, «Mars» gallery (Moscow). His works are in private collections in USA, Japan, Belgium, Germany etc..
The significant premiums: Grand-prix exhibitions «Cartoons and photo», «Golden Brush-91» – first premium, «The Best Artist of press» (1994) – the premium Union of the journalists «Zolotoy Gent», winner of the festival «Zolotoy Ostap» (1994).
Member of Artists Union of Russia.

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