Bilig Ba



He was born in 1965 in Inner Mongolia Aotonomous Region of China. Member of the Inner Mongolia Association for Artists. Now he is a teacher at the Sunid Left Banner Profession School.

The Prize of Excellence in the 2nd International Cartoon Contest 2002 (Romania).
The bronze Prize in the 1st Free Web International Cartoon Festival 2002.
The Prize of Excellence of the International Cartoon Exhibition (China, 2003).
The Special prize in the IACC 2004 Cartoon & Animation Competition (China, 2004).
The Honorable Mention in the 1st International Bursa Cartoon Biennial “Blue Gold Water” (Turkey, 2007).
The Honorable Mention in the International Graphical Humor and Road Education Salon (Argentina, 2007).
The Gold Prize in the 6th International Cartoon Competition (China, 2008).
The Honorable Mention of the 19th International Satire Exhibition (Italy, 2008).
The Second Prize of The International Exhibition (Syria, 2009).
The Third prize of the International cartoon contest “Carluka-2009” (Ukraine).
The Third prize of the VII International Festival of Graphic Humour (Italy, 2009).
The First Prize of the 21st Olense Kartoenale (Belgium, 2009).
His works were selected for the International Cartoon Festival of Azerbaijan. Argentina. Belgium. Brazil. Bulgaria. China. Czech Republic. Croatia. France. Greece. Germany. Italy. India. Israel. Iran. Japan. Korea. Kenya. Macedonia. Mexico. Peru. Portugal. Poland. Romania. Russia. Serbia. Syria. Slovakia. Cyprus. Spain. Sweden. Taiwan. Turkey. USA and Ukraine.

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