Bernal Arias

Aguascalientes, Mexico



He was born in Aguascalientes.
Drawing it was taught by his mother, an amateur artist.
From an early age he fought against injustice.
His first notable caricature, published when he was 15 years old, severely criticizes the Minister of Education of his native state of Aguascalientes.
In 1933, Arias Bernal moved to Mexico City, where he studied for some time at the San Carlos Academy.
His cartoons made a real sensation. Since 1935, they are regularly published by the newspaper “Mexico City”.
He supported the creation of satirical magazines: “Wea”, “Don Ferrucho”, “El Fufurufu”, etc. His works appeared, among others, in the editions: “Hoi”, “Manyana”, “Todo and Sjempre”, and also in the daily newspapers: “Excelsior” and “El Universal”.
Arias Bernal managed to become a legend even before the Second World War.
He constantly criticized the Latin American dictators, fascist and Nazi regimes, demagogy and corruption in his homeland.
His collections of cartoons by hundreds of thousands of copies are distributed throughout Latin America by the US Office for the Coordination of Inter-American Relations. In 1952, he received a journalistic award from Maria Moores Cabot from Columbia University “for a significant artistic contribution … to strengthening friendship in our hemisphere.”
Arias Bernal died of cancer in Mexico City on December 31, 1960.

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