Basol Erdogan

Istanbul, Turkey


He was born in İstanbul in 1936.He fırst cartoons appeared in local magazines namely Karakedi [Blackcat] and Hafta [Week] in 1952.Since then his cartoons have been published in local and forelgn prees.
He took part wıth his four friends in forming the group called United Cartoonist in 1975.
He also participated in two private exhibitions with the group in 1975 and 1978. One of his cartoons were selected for exhition permamently by the cartoon museums in İtaly [Tolentino] Poland [Warsaw] and Bulgaria [Gabrovo] and also opened private exhibitions in Poland,Croatia and Turkey. He got two cartoon albums named [Karmakarışık] and [Kelamsız] collection of his cartoons they were published in 1984 and 2001.
He was honoured with a prize by the Association of prees Informatıon headed by the prime Ministry of Turkey for his endless contributions to the development of the art of cartoon in Turkey over the last 30 years.
Untıl recentiy his cartoons on political issues were published in daıly newspapers namely Akşam-Güneş-Cumhuriyet-Barometre and Global. He was also elected as a jury member for the Contest of Nasrettin Hodja held in 1975, 1997 and 1999. He was elected as the chairman to the Association of Turkısh cartoonists for one year in 1995.
His studies as a free cartoonist have been in continuous progress so far. He was married and two chıldren.

He vas various prizes in differend categories in the following Internatıonal cartoon contest:

  • -Marostıca-Tolentino
  • -Vercelli and Fano [İTALY]
  • -Teajon [KOREA]
  • -Harbour[AUSTRALİA]
  • -Gabrovo[BULGARIA]
  • -Taipei[TAİWAN]
  • -Haifa[ISRAEL]
  • -Piracıcaba [BRASIL ]
  • -Sokobanja [YUGOSLAVIA]
  • -Porto Alegre [ BRASIL ]
  • -Chaine[CHİNESE]
  • -Tehran [ İRAN ]
  • -Carlsbad[U.S.A.]
  • -Seoul [ KOREA ]
  • -Gabrovo[BULGARIA]
  • -Taipei[TAİWAN]
  • -Hyderabad [ INDIA ]
  • –Sofia [ BULGARIA ]
  • -Shanghai[CHİNESE]

–Syria [ SYRİA ]

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