Bakoulis Serafim

Athens, Greece


Serafim Bakoulis was born in Athens, Greece. He studied painting under the tutorship of P. Tetsis and applied arts at the High School of Fine Arts. He worked for six years in the National Archaeological Museum. He’s a member of the Athens Chamber of Arts. He published a book of cartoons on tennis in Greece. Received a scholarship and award in applied arts. Mentioned in the Dictionary of Greek Artists “Melissa” (99, pages 177-8). His works were exhibited at the Ministry of Culture and Education, in private collections as well as at the Art Gallery of the Municipality of Piraeus.

Painting exhibitions Personal 10, Group 40. Abroad: 1967 Biennial of Youth, Ibiza, Spain. 1987 Represented Greece in Bulgaria. 1988 Represented Greece in Moscow. Cartoon exhibitions Personal 4, Group 8. Abroad, International 1984 Cartoon Contest, Trento, Italy. 2004 2nd Cartoon Contest, Pelorudio, Uruguay. 2004 17th Biennial Humour Contest, Gabrovo, Bulgaria. 2006 18th Biennial Humour Contest, Gabrovo, Bulgaria 2008 Cartoon Contest, Azerbaijan (Honorary mention). 2008 Humourfest 15th International Olympic Games Commune di Foligno, Italy. 2008 Cartoon Contest Serbia. 2008, Aydin Dogan, Vakfi, Turkey. 2009 19th Biennial Humour Contest, Gabrovo, Bulgaria. 2009 15th Cartoon Contest, Haifa, Israel. 2009 Biennia Cartoon Contest, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 2009 Cartoon Festival, Knokke-Heist, Belgium. 2009 Ruse Art Gallery, Bulgaria, Diploma. 2009 Daejeon (Korea) Cartoon Contest. Awarded “The Best Cartoon Prizes”. 2009 XI Open Cartoon Contest, Zielona Gora, Poland 2010 Cartoon Contest, Codogno, Italy. 2010 International Tourism Cartoon Competition Turkey 2010 2nd Biennai of Humor Luis d’Oliveira, Guimaraes, Portugal 2010 6th International Cartoon Contest, Syria 2010 International Cartoon Contest, Zagreb, Croatia. Special Acknowledgement.

BEC, 2012

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