Azimzade Azim Aslan ogly

Baku, Azerbaijan

- 15.06.1943

Cartoonist, graphic artist

Born April 25 in the village. Novkhany, near Baku.
Soviet graphic artist, People’s Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR (1927). Member of the CPSU since 1923.
I did not get a special art education. His sharp satirical drawings on political, everyday and antireligious themes have been published since 1906 in the journals Molla Nasreddin, Mazali (Humor), and others, and laid the foundation for Azerbaijani satirical graphics. They are connected with the revolutionary struggle of the people, imbued with accusatory pathos.
In 1914, A. illustrated a collection of satirical poems by A. Sabir “Hop-hop-name.”
After 1917 he created many works of book, magazine and easel graphics (including watercolors: the series “Types of Old Baku”, 1937, “Ramadan from the Poor”, 1938, “Ramazan from the Rich”, 1938 ., – all in the Azerbaijan Museum of Art, Baku, caricatures of the “Führer Trophy”, 1941, “The Crow in Peacock Feathers”, 1942, etc.).

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