Avalov Elturan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Сartoonist, painter, illustrator

He was born in Baku in 1940. He graduated from Azerbaijan Polytechni-cal Institute, faculty of Architecture in 1963. He is the author of the books such as “Architecture of Shusha” (1977), “Elturan” (1986), “In Architect’s View”. He was honoured with the name of Honoured Art Worker of the Azerbaijan Republic in 1991. He took part in over than 30 exhibitions. His private exhibi¬tions were held in Baku (1985, 1994,2005), Moscow (1986), Turkey (1999). He was given degree of profes¬sor in 2003. At present professor Elturan Avalov is the head of the depart¬ment of “Descriptive art” of Azerbaijan Architecture and Building University. He is the member of the Union of Azerbaijan Artists from 2005. He is the member of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union from 2006. He is the member of Azerbaijan group in FECO (FEderation of Cartoonists Organisations).



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