Arutchyan Sergey

Yerevan, Armenia

- 27.08.1986

Cartoonist, artist, poster artist, stage designer,

Was born in Baku in 1912.
1937 — Graduated from the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute.
1934 — His first cartoon was published in the Izvestia newspaper.
1935 — Began to be published in the republican and all-Union press as a cartoonist.
1939-1948 — Main artist of the G. Sundukyan Academical Theatre. Worked at the Leninakan Theatre.
1951-1959 — Executive Secretary of the Armenian Artists Union.
1956 — Honored Artist of Armenia.
1954-1964 — Main artist in the Vozni (Hedgehog) republican satirical magazine.
1964— National Artist of Armenia. His personal cartoon and poster exhibitions were held in Prague, Moscow, Tallinn, Yerevan.

BEC, 2011

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