Arutchyan Sergey

Yerevan, Armenia

- 27.08.1986

Cartoonist, artist, poster artist, stage designer,

Was born in 1912 in the city of Baku
1937 – graduated from the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute
1934. The first caricature was published in the newspaper Izvestia.
1935 – began to be published in the republican and all-Union press as a cartoonist.
1939 – 48 The main artist of the Akkademichesky Theater. G. Sundukyan Worked at the Leninakan Theater. Mravjana
1951 – 59 years. Executive Secretary of the Union of Artists of Armenia
1956 Honored Artist of Armenia. Awarded the Order of the Labor Banner.
1957 Chief Artist of the Decade of Armenian Art in Moscow
1954 – 64 The main artist is the founder of the republican satirical magazine “Vozni” / Hedgehog.
1964. People’s Artist of Armenia Personal exhibitions of caricatures and posters in Czechoslovakia (Prague), Moscow, Tallinn, Yerevan.
Production designer:
1940 – “Homeland” of Demirchyan
1942 – “The Front” Korneichuk
1946 – “Russian people” Simonov
1957 – “Capacious tamash” Charents, etc. The artist-director of films:
1938 – Sevan Fishermen
1939 – People of our collective farm
1940 – Brave Nazar
1943 – The Guardsman’s Wife
1944 – One Night
1954 – The Mystery of a Mountain Lake
1955 – Ghosts Leave the Heights
1956 – Because of the honor
1966 – Automobile AvdoAlbums S. Arutchyan:
“Smile and anger” 1962,
“Without a mask” 1972,
“Sergei Arutchyan” 1982. The younger brother of the People’s Artist of Armenia Mikael Harutchyan. In different years, in various publications, he published his poems. Was a candidate for master of chess. In the memory of the Armenians Sergey Arutchyan remained as one of the witty and erudite people of his time. Until now, his witticisms and epigrams have been quoted. Poetic miniature – the artist’s creed:

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