Arutchyan Ruben

Yerevan, Armenia


Cartoonist, designer, architect

He was born on June 18, 1947 in Yerevan.
1961 — published his first cartoon.
1964 — graduated from the Yerevan Art College.
Since 1964 he has been published in the republican and all-Union press (humor, satire).
1970 — graduated in Architecture from the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute.
1986-1990 — Main Artist of the Izokombinat Art Foundation of Armenia.
1990-1992, 2001 — Main Artist of Yerevan.
Since 1987 — Member of the Board of the Armenia Artists Union.

He is a laureat of many republican and all-union cartoon competitions.
There are many of his works in a private collections in Yerevan, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Basel, etc.
Ruben Harutchyan is the author of many design works like interiors, international exhibitions, corporate style, new banknotes of Armenia, commemorative medals. picturesque panels in the interior, etc.

Since 1974 – Member of the Armenia Architect’s Union.
Since 1976 – Member of the Armenia Artist’s Union,
Since 1995 – Member of the International Designer’s Union.

BEC, 2011

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