Arutchyan Mikael

Yerevan, Armenia

18.07.1897 - 09.06.1961

Cartoonist, artist, stage designer

He was born in the Shusha village on July 18, 1897.
1919 – graduated from Saratov VKhUTEMAS.
1919 – the first work “Attorney Patlen” in the Saratov Theater of Satire.
1919-1920 – served in the cavalry of the “Iron Division” of Guy
1921-1923 – studied the Law at the Berlin University.
1924-1925 – student at the Paris Academy of Arts, Colarossi.
1925 – moved to Yerevan. In the 20’s his works were published in the Karmir Motsak (Red Mosquito) Armenian satirical magazine.
1928-1939 – the main artist of the Sundukyan Academic Theatre.
1939-1949 – the main artist of the Spendiarian Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Since 1949 lived and worked in Moscow. He was a chief artist of the Armenian SSR pavilion at VDNKh.
He was one of the founders of Armenian theatrical and decorative art, continuing the innovative trends of G. Yakulov, radically transformed the culture of the Armenian scenery.

He also worked in the field of caricature, book illustration, graphics (mostly portrait), poster.

BEC, 2012

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