Andriushenko Aleksandr

Zaporozhye, Ukraine


Was born in 1954.
A graphic designer of the Zaporizhzhya Cooperative Technical School, conducts the faculty of public professions. He graduated from the Cooperative Technical School and the Republican School of Decorators Advertising. He published his first cartoon in 1976. Then his cartoons were published in the All-Union and regional press. He was a participant of the All-Union Cartoon Competition in Kaliningrad in 1986. Since May 1985 he’s a member of the Carousely, Zaporozhye Cartoon Club.
He is a laureate of the We and Children, All-Union Humorous Drawing Competition in Magadan (1986).
Diploma, Ancona, Italy (1987).
Dozens of diplomas of all-Union and republican cartoons competitions.


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