Aljak Juri

Tallinn, Estonia

The artist, cartoonist, graphic designer

Was born in 1954 year. Artist-designer of the fire department, His first cartoon appeared in the satirical magazine Picker in 1970. Since that time, his works have been published in the newspapers – the Tallinn “Ykhtulekht” and Tartu “Edazi.” Published in the collection of the Baltic caricature ” Birken Bernstein Blauez Meer “(Berlin, 1975), in the collection of works of Estonian cartoonists” And laughter and sin “(Tallinn, 1976), in the catalogs of the Baltic cartoon” Homo sapiens “(Vilnius, 1981) and the cartoon exhibition” What’s so funny? ” (Tallinn, 1982).
Participant of international cartoon contests

A series of “Masters of the Soviet cartoon” ed. Soviet Artist 1989

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