Alonso Juan Carlos

Buenos-Aires, Argentina

06.07.1886 - 15.02.1945


Born July 6, 1886 in the Spanish city of El Ferrol.
In 1899, he moved with his parents to Argentina, studied drawing in Buenos Aires and around 1905 began to work as a cartoonist first in “Karas and Karetas”, then in the humorous magazine “Plus Ultra”; Thanks to a lot of caricatures and illustrations, he became the most famous artist of the latter, and in the 1920s. headed the magazine.
Alonso was also a famous artist specializing in genre scenes and pictorial compositions.
Exhibitions of his works were held not only in Argentina, but also in France, Italy and Spain.
For the first time he received an award in 1933 in Santa Fe.
Alonso received the title of Knight of the Royal Order of Alfonso XIII and became a member of the Royal Academy in his native Galicia (province of Spain).
He died on February 15, 1945 in Buenos Aires.
The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981

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