Axinte Doru

Falticeni, Romania

Cartoonist, lawyer, illustrator

Doru Axinte, a well-known cartoonist from Romania.
Date of birth: 1962, 4th december of Falticeni, Romania.
Studies: the Faculty of Justice.
Profession: Jurist, Cartoonist.
Art work: Press Cartoon, book illustrations.
Cartoons and illustrations Printed in magazines and newspapers of Romania and other countries.
Publishing in the Romania news papers and humour rewiews: “Moftul Roman”, “Urzica”, “Satiricon”,
“Rebus Flacara”, “Soparla”, “Integrame”, “Pentru Patrie”, “Viata Armatei”.
Participating at national and international exhibition: Turkey, England, Holland, France, Croatia, Belgium, Iran, Yugoslavia. Member of Point Associated Cartoonist.

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