Akhundova Fidan

Berlin, Germany


Was born in 1989 in Baku.
2006 — graduated from the Bulbul secondary school.
2009 — Participant of the masterclass led by the Berlin artist Christine Niederlag.
2014-2016 — Master of Fine Arts, the University of Alanus and Social Sciences Alfter, Germany.
2009-2013 — Bachelor of Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts in Baku, Azerbaijan.
2007 — Member of the Union of Azerbaijani cartoonists.
2014 — Member of the youth section of the Azerbaijan Artists Union.

2017 — Musical stone 2nd international stone symposium, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2017 — Participation in the international exhibition Granatapfel & Feuerberg in Kleinassen, Germany.
2016 — Sculpture Symposium Memmingen, Germany.
2016 — Group exhibition “viel VIELe” in Scheunen Galery, Wesseling.
2016 — Group exhibition “Places and places” Kelner Bunker, Cologne Germany.
2015 — Group exhibition “Unter dem Tellerrand” Frauenmuseum Bonn, Germany.
2015 — Biennale Bukkunst Weimar, Germany.
2015 — Group exhibition in the library of arts and museums, Museum of Ludwig Cologne, Germany.
2015 — Group exhibition “Der Fabrik Die Kirche Das Schloß” In the Fabrik 45 gallery in Bonn, Germany.
2015 — Group exhibition in Cologne Sülz Kinderheim «Errinerungsorte», Cologne, Germany.
2012 — The exhibition “Unknown password” in the Center for Contemporary Art gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2012 — Group exhibition in the “Union of Azerbaijani Artists”.
2011 — Group exhibition in Uzbekistan.
2011 — Group exhibition “Catharsis” in the Contemporary Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan.

2013 – Illustrator of the Surgical Atlas by academician Boyukishi Agayev.
2012-2014 — Illustrator in the Oyuncaq magazine.
2012 — Illustrator at the Ali and Nino publishing house.
2011 — Illustrator at the Chashioglu publishing house.
2008 -2014 — Illustrator in the Geyerchin magazine (The Azerbaijan publishing house).
2008 —Illustrator of the “Marketing for Azerbaijanis” book by Mustafa Mammadov.

Since 2014 she lives in Germany.

BEC, 2017

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