Akhmetov Abdrashit


Cartoonist, Translator



Abdrashit Akhmetov was born in 1912 in the sanctuary of Sunkarbai of Atbasar district of Akmola province (now Tselinograd region)

After graduating, he worked as an elementary school teacher, as an inspector of the Atbasar Raiffinot case

In 1931 he was sent to Moscow to work as a worker.

In 1934 – 1950 he worked in the Soviet, printed, party organs

In subsequent years, he worked at the journals Novaya Zhizn, Ara, Kazakh Adebieti, the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, the Republican Society Znanie, and the Director of the Kazakh Branch of the Literary Fund of the USSR.

On creative work, known mainly as a translator

He owns translations into the Kazakh language of stories and plays by A. P. Chekhov, a novel by O. Balzac

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