Akatsuka Fujio


14.09.1935 - 02.08.2008

Cartoonist, сomicist

Fujio Akatsuka was born in Manchuria (North East China) on 14th September, 1935. Inspired by Osamu Tezuka’s ‘Lost World’ while at junior high school, he decided to become a cartoonist.

1956 His first cartoon, ‘Arashi wo Koete’, was published in a comic for girls, He also moved into the famous ‘Tokiwaso’ apartment along with a number of young cartoonists who went on to greater success.
1958 The first serialization of ‘Namachan’ in Mangao.
1962 Serialization of ‘Osomatsu-kun’ in Weekly Shonen Sunday and ‘Himitsu no Akko-chan’ in Ribbon.
1967 Serialization of ‘The Genius Bakabon’ in Weekly Shonen Magagine and ‘Moretsu Ataro’ in Weekly Shonen Sunday
Several of these comics were later animated.
Since his debut in 1956, many other comics have gone on to great success, including the hugely popular ‘Let’s-la Gon’ and’Gag Guerrilla’.
1965 The 10th Shogakukan Manga Award for ‘Osomatsu-kun’
1972 The 18th Bungeishunju Award for ‘The Genius Bakabon’
1997 The 26th Japan Cartoonists Association Minister of Education Award
1998 Medal with Purple Ribbon
2008 August 2nd Died from pneumonia, aged 72.


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