Aguardo July Sanchis (Harca)

Barcelona, Spain


Born in October 10, 1942 Picasso in Valencia, Spain. He began to draw from an early age. At the age of 13-year-old teacher advised him to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia. He learned not only one year of study, because it was necessary to help their parents. But he never stopped drawing. Director “Raons” magazine a few years took him to work freelance. His first cartoon was published in 1968.
Since then, his work began to appear in numerous periodicals in Spain, including newspapers such as Pueblo, Levante and el Pais, magazines Vida Cooperaiva, Agricultura Jove, Saó, Dos y dos, Camp Valencia, Cal dir, Consum, Valencia Semanal, L ‘Horta, El Corco, Objetivos, Generalitat, BIM Torrent, El Pardalot Engabiat, 7 Dies de la Comarca, Estudi, Lluita, Papers, Traure, Serveis Socials, la Golondriz, L’Eliana 2000, Dimensión HUMANA, Música i Poble, XOOOC PICASSENT, Valencia 7 dias, Abogacía Española, PICA’M,, FENAMIZAH, BOSTTONS themag.
His cartoons were awarded prizes in world competitions.
He also created the animation for the Spanish television program Els Nostres Arbres in 1982 and Terrorisme Fiscal in 1983. In 2001 published a collection of his works La Etapa Negra (The Black Time). In 2011 he published a collection of works Vull la Lluna.
Now he is the head of the Federation of Cartoonists Organizations.
The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981




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