Afrouz Shirine

Tehran, Iran

Cartoonist, sculptor, photographer

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1954. Some of her caricatures was published in magazines in Tehran when she was young. She finished her studies in industrial management and worked fourteen years in private companies, especially oil companies. She left her job for artistic activities in 1984. She travelled a lot and lived in more than twenty countries since the age of eighteen.
She always had a critical view towards the society. And found people very similar with just superficial differences. Her main passion is sculpture but she does painting, drawing, photography, calligraphy and caricature. Some of her works can be seen on her website. She prevents the commercial use of art and her works are publicly available.
She translated and illustrated 30 tales of Persian literature in 2005. She has also written a book about a great Italian actor Alberto Sordi, which will be published in near future.
Her sculptural works: a monument with a 230 cm bronze statue which pays tribute to the people living with difficulties in mountainous areas in St. Germain de Calberte, the statue of ‘Silent Cry’ for Amnesty International, ‘World Dialogue’ in the city of Pont de Monvert’ (south France) which won the first prize at the occasion of passage to year 2000, another bronze of ‘World Dialogue’ was presented to the ex-General Secretary of United Nations Mr. Kofi Annan and there are many of her works installed in public places. Her statue ‘Reader of the Book’ has the approval of the Mayor of 15th arrondissement of Paris and its installation is under study by the Art Committee of Paris Town Hall. The caricature that she proposed for Gagarin Smile shows the debris left by different satellites round the planet earth.


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