Auth Tony

Los Angeles, United States


AUTH, TONY (1942- ) American cartoonist born in Akron, Ohio, on May 7, 1942. Tony Auth moved to California with his family in 1949. He was raised in Los Angeles and majored in biological illustration at UCLA, graduating in 1965. While in college, Auth contributed to campus publications, and even after graduation he drew for the campus Daily Bruin; his cartoons were syndicated by Sawyer Press. He was the chief medical illustrator at Rancho-Los Amigos Hospital from 1965 to 1971, when he became editorial cartoonist for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Auth’s handsome style is one of understatement and economy of line. He presents his powerful concepts in a horizontal format and shades with mechanical tones. In 1975 he received a Pulitzer Prize and a Sigma Delta Chi award, and he won the Overseas Press Club award in 1975 and 1976. Auth is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers’ Croup.

Reference: Wikipedia, 2010

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