Acevedo Juan Carter “The Cat”

Santiago de Chile, Chile


Cartoonist, illustrator, designer

Born in Santiago de Chile on July 4, 1961. Came to Spain in 1988.
Juan Carter studied architecture and urbanism at the University of Chile, where he graduated with a degree in 1985. His interest in painting awoke very early: at the age of 6, he drew a portrait of Queen Elizabeth of England, when she passed along the street near the artist’s house during an official visit. At the age of 15, he created promotional drawings for the closing of a contract for the supply of sticky fabric in Chile. Painting experiences continued at the Spanish-American College, where he was expelled for a caricature of one of the professors. After going to University, Juan began drawing cartoons for magazines that opposed the regime of dictator Pinochet.
Since 1982, the artist has collaborated with magazines such as APSI, La Bicicleta, and the “La Cacerola” appendices of the magazine CAUCE, until he had his own weekly page in CAUCE. He also worked in Chile for Publimark and TVGrama under the pseudonym Telefuz for his security. Being a representative of the creative underground of his time, the artist, together with Hector Andreu, created a mythical poster “100 eggs”, which will later be reprinted and replicated a huge number of times.
In the magazine CAUSE, the artist made a very brave act: he published 4 covers in a row with caricatures of the dictator Pinochet. Magazines were openly sold at street kiosks. When the authorities found out, the copies were confiscated and their editors were threatened and intimidated by the ruling clan. In 1985, Juan Carter took part in an exhibition of comics in Angouleme, France, where his drawings attracted the attention of the then Minister of culture, Jacques lang. Lang told reporters that Pinochet’s cartoons resemble Jean Marie Le Pen.
In 1988, the artist he released an underground book ” Attention… Chile”, and for personal security, moves to live in Barcelona. He also lived and worked in the field of art in Breda (Netherlands) in 1994 – 1995, in Castres (France) in 2015-2016; in both cities hosted an exhibition of cartoons and paintings, of which the most famous was at the Ritz hotel and the Textile Museum in 1998, in the Monastery of the Angels (Barcelona), which is now part of the Museum MACBA in 2000, the House of Elizalde, humorous exhibition to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the military coup in Chile, in 2003, La Caixa de Mahon (Barcelona), in the castle of Castellar de La Frontera (Cadiz).
Also, his works were presented during the different years in the following famous exhibition spaces: in 1992 in Galerie Collis in Lausanne (Switzerland); in the town hall of Breda (Holland), in the Michal Gallery (Berlin), in 1995, in the Museum Noordbrabants (Holland). In the pavilion d’adelaide (Burlac), in the gallery AUX Quatre Vents (Provence), 2013
In Spain, the artist collaborates with the magazines Makoki, el Diari de Barcelona, La Cruda, Woman and creates social cartoons for ONGs. In 1993, Juan Carter created humorous drawings called “Massagat” for the legendary Barcelona cafe Quatre Gats; where, the first exhibition of Picasso took place; in that place, Woody Allen shot episodes for some films. In 1995, he was a pioneer artist using the Internet in the field of art, creating an Internet portal together with the company Barcelona Virtual, which showed video interviews, an interactive gallery and a virtual object in 3D format. In 2000, he created the cover for Press graph España, a guide for the College of Architecture, and the magazine Barna (1995).
Interesting information
In 1996-97, the artist was the Director of the La Santa cultural center. Juan Carter made a significant contribution to the development of advertising design. He is a finalist in many prestigious design competitions, including: Mascota Expo de Hannover 2000, Germany (2th place); Mascota de Juegos Ecuestres Mundiales, Jerez 2002, Spain (4th place); ilustración Rosa de Sant Jordi Illustrator competition, Diario La Vanguardia, 2017, Spain (3th place).
The artist works in the field of interior design, creating individual home decoration projects in Barcelona. In 2019, he created the design of the restaurant “La Travesía ” in Montmartre in Paris.




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    Un orgullo haber dibujado con el gato en los tiempos mas oscuros de Chile.
    Abrazos Gato¡¡¡¡

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