Mu Leng



Cartoonist, editor of the international cartoon website Googlm

Mr. Leng Mu, a well-known cartoonist from China.
He was born on Nov 8, 1966. He began his create cartoon in the Nanjing Institute of Arts in 1988. As a Googlm Cartoon Museum professional cartoonist, till now, he has published over 8,000 humorous paintings and cartoons in important newspapers and magazines. And he is Curator of the Googlm cartoon Museum.
Over 350 works have been chosen to the exhibitions and won prizes in International Cartoon Contests. For example: Yugoslavia, Belgium, France, Croatia, Brazil, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, the USA, Argentina, Canada, Macedonia, Taiwan, Russia, Iran, Germany, Greece, and so on. Since 2002, Mr. Leng Mu has held the Googlm International Cartoon Contest and exhibition successfully per annual in Nanjing which is the famous city of China. Till now, he has held 7 international cartoon exhibitions around Nanjing, Tiantai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and so on. There were more than 260000 visitors. Also he has set up a special int’l cartoon contests news Network:
Mr. Leng Mu acquired in recent years the main prizes and became Jury members as follows: 2001 – 2nd Prize in APCA International Cartoon Contest — USA. 2001 – Special Prize in the 3th Courage Word Cartoon Contest — TAIWAN. 2002 – Silver Prize in International Cartoon Festival of Rhodes — GREECE. 2003 – 3rd Prize in International Ramiz Gokce Cartoon Festival — CYPURUS. 2003 – Excellence Prize in the 12th Daejon International Cartoon Contest — KOREA. 2004 – Honourable Mention Prize in 1st India International Cartoon Contest — INDIA. 2004 – The Excellence Prize in the 3th Taiwai Cartoon Contest. 2005 – 2nd Prize in SEOUL Dong-A & LG International Competition — KOREA. 2005 – Jury Special Prize in Tabriz International Cartoon Contest — IRAN. 2005 – Best Cartoonist Prize in the 14th Daejon International Cartoon Contest — KOREA. 2006 – Jury Member of 23 Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition — TURKEY. 2007 – Excellent Cartoon Prize in the 16th Daejon International Cartoon Contest — KOREA. 2007 – Grand Prize in Kosova World Cartoon Festival — KOSOVA. 2008 – Jury Member of 1st International Cartoon Contest — AZERBAIJAN. 2008 – Jury Member of 28th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest — TURKEY. 2009 – Jury Member of The Car International Cartoon Contest — IRAN. 2010 – Best Cartoonist of the Year — Sri Lanka.

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