Morgan Wallace

New York, United States


Cartoonist, illustrator, comic artist

Morgan, Wallace, american cartoonist and illustrator born in new york city on 11 july, 1873. Wallace morgan was graduated from the albany, new york, high school and spent six years at the academy of design art in new york city. He joined the staff of the yew york herald and telegram, where he was to spend ten years as a sketch artist. There he created fluffy ruffles, a weekly color comic about pretty women; fluffy was the first such in the comics, and the feature was newspapers’ answer to the gibson girl. Morgan’s other duties included news and courtroom sketches and a stint ghosting buster brown after outcault left for the journal.

At age 40 morgan abandoned “pretty girl” art; the field was indeed glutted, although he excelled. He concen­trated on magazine illustrations and shone with julian street’s abroad at home series in collier’s. Soon thereaf­ter World War 1 broke out. And morgan was commis­sioned an american expeditionary force captain and an official artist; his visual records of chateau thierry and belleau wood are outstanding. After the war he again immersed himself in illustration and did his best work for comic stories such as the jeeves series by p.g. Wodehouse. He contributed frequently to life in the early 1920s. As well.

Morgan’s style was quick and sketchy—a legacy from his sketch-artist days (fellow newspaper artists william (slackens and everett shinn acquired similar styles). His tool was the brush, and the quick staccato lines gave the appearance of pen work. Later he used washes and crayon shadings to good advantage. It is said that he never used models and threw away a drawing rather than make corrections.

Morgan was a member of many clubs and an intimate of the great personalities of his day. He was an honorary president of the society of illustrators for the two years preceding his death and was president from 1929 to 1936, a long term. He was also an honorary member of the art students league, a rare tribute. The year before his death he was named to the national academy and was honored by the national institute of arts and letters. Morgan was active until his death on april 24.1948; he was contributing regularly to the yeiv yorker. Collier’s and the new york times magazine.

Reference:  The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981



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