Moor (Orlov) Dmitriy

Moscow, Russia

03.11.1883 - 24.10.1946

Cartoonist, illustrator, poster artist, teacher, art theorist

Was born on October 22, 1883 in Novocherkassk.
Studied at the studio of PI Kelin (1910).
Member of the association “October” and chairman of the Association of workers of the revolutionary poster.
Collaborated to the magazines “Alarm Clock”, “Atheist at the Machine”, “At the Machine”, “You Give”, “Crocodile”, in the newspaper “Pravda”.
Taught at the Moscow Vkhutemase-Vkhutein and at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (1922-1932), at the Surikov Institute (1939-1943).
Author of the book: “I am a Bolshevik”, Moscow, 1967.

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