Moline i Muns Manuel

Barcelona, Spain

1833 – 1901


Moline i muns, manuel – spanish car­toonist born in barcelona, spain, in 1833. Manuel moline studied art with a view to becoming a painter. He soon turned to drawing, however, and his first cartoons appeared in 1859 in the newly founded magazine ei canon rayado.

Moline was an extremely able and extraordinarily popular cartoonist whose success can be attributed to the fact that his cartoons were straightforward and could be easily understood by everyone. They appeared in most major publications of the day, such as un tros de paper, la flaca and lu mosca rojo, but his most important work appeared in the magazines la campana de gracia and l’esquclla dc la torratxa. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of continuous collaboration between the publication and moline, l’esquclla de la torratxa dedicated its entire may 3, 1901, issue to him.

In all his works moline bitterly satirized the privileges of the spanish upper classes and attacked, often with passion, the aristocracy, the clergy and the military. He died in barcelona late in 1901.

Reference:  The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981


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