Mokievskiy Valentin

30.12.1950 - 28.06.1994


Valentin Mokievsky is an outstanding Estonian caricaturist (December 30, 1950 – June 28, 1994). For a short period of active creativity (1988 – 1994) he created a large collection of original drawings that covered all possible aspects of life of that time. He was actively published in the newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda, Izvestia, Estonia, The Youth of Estonia, Novoe Vremya, Picker, Krokodil magazines, etc. His cartoons were exhibited and published in Estonia, Russia, Finland , Bulgaria, France, the USA.
In 1988 he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the First All-Union Contest of Cartoons in Moscow.
In 1989 he received the Honorable Diploma “For the Best Drawing” at the All-Union Contest organized by the International Association of the Club “What? Where? When?”.
In the annual contest of caricatures of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” from 1989 to 1992, was constantly awarded the first place.
In 1991 he received the medal of the International Competition in Japan (Tokyo).
In the same year he was awarded the first place in the international competition Pidu (Holiday), organized by the Estonian newspaper “Pärnu Postimees”.
In the same year – the first place at the contest of cartoonists of Estonia, awarded by the president of the International Association of Professional Bureaucrats, James Boren.
In 1992 – the third place at the international competition in Korea (Seoul).
In 1993 – the third place in the international competition in Bulgaria (Gabrovo). In the same year I received the Honorary Diploma of the magazine “Sobesednik” “For the darkest outlook on life”.
They say that man is a style. What is an artist? Style in a square, in a cube? Mokievsky, an artist from Narva, familiar to our readers, at the moment changed his pen, which he brought out his inimitable freaks, his unmistakably recognizable series of goggle-eyed characters, his absurd world, so similar to ours – so here.
he changed his pen to a brush, which made the line suddenly warmer, unfinished, with shine and charm. the roglyph. And the artist explained the change so: the pen does not keep up with the thought, which is so torn, so it flies.
At the same time, Mokievsky is an extremely methodical person. It reminds me to a certain extent of the press that presses grapes for the preparation of red wine: it cuts everything, twigs and bones, and from the single theme squeezes out the improbable amount of complementary and reciprocal drawings.
And in life it’s a cheerful, short-lived man with a mustache and eyes, in which the sparks are hidden; apparently, talent. In the photo, he is depicted listening to the prize, handed over to the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” as the best caricaturist of the year – the Sony tape recorder.
Komsomolskaya Pravda April 16, 1993

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