Mohamad Fakhredin



He was born in 1976, in Islamabad-Garb (province of Kermanshah).
He graduated from the University of Architecture and Art for the design of carpets in Kashan.
He started drawing cartoons in high school.
He won many prizes in the National and International Caricature Festivals:
His National Prizes:
1st winner at the 1st exhibition “Water and Wastewater” in the province of Kermanshah “Saving Water” 1996.
2- The first winner at the 9th Kashan Earthquake Conference 2007
3- The first winner in the First Festival on the theme of Hadith Haye under the title “Veil” 2012
4- The first winner in the National Festival “The Veil is the Beauty of Creation” Mazandaran Province 2012
6- Second winner of the scenario of the “Green Soldier” in the 2nd Festival of Media and the Environment 2010
The 7th winner of the National Festival “Dress for Angels” of the Golestanskaya region 2009
8- The second winner of the National Festival “Charity” on the title “Energy Saving” Shiraz region 2009
9- The third winner of the National Caricature Festival “Evil and Temptation” 2009
10- Award of the best character designer for the animation “Little Lamb” from the collection of Goli shoe at the 16th Festival of Radio and Television Regulations of Shiraz Province 2008
11- The third winner at the Third Festival of the Martyr and the Sacrificeer of Ardebil 2007
12- The third and fifth winner of the 1st and 2nd Festival of Citizenship Education Kashan 2001, 2002
13- Leading researcher of the first conference on the situation of young elites in the West in the field of culture and art.

International titles:
1- Special prize at the 22nd International Festival Nasreddin Hodja, Turkey, 2002.
2- Honorable mention in the 5th International Lymar, Brazil
3- Honorary Diploma of the 4th International Braila, Romania 2009
4- Winner of the “Best Animation” in the framework of the 20th International Dayyon Competition, North Korea 2011
5- The second winner of the fifth cartoon Biennale De Geuse, Belgium, 2013.
6th Winner in the International Competition “Silk Road”, China 2014

1- Parish of the First Province of Kermanshah Province 2005
2- The jury and the executive director of the First Regional Cartoon Festival entitled “Nuclear Power and the Abandonment of Domination” in 2007
3 Parish of the regional festival of visual arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Leaders Sarah Pole Zahab region 2009
4- The Ghost of the Festival of Fine Arts of the Province of Yavanrud 2010
5- The jury of the 1st National Festival “Rational use of medicine” in Kermanshah 2010
6 – Prize of Visual Arts “Islamic Awakening” Ravansar 20117- Juror of the
8th martyr of fine arts and donated “Mashad 2011”
8-Jur of Fine Arts “Pokrov” Sare Polya Zahab 2012
9 – Prizewinner of the animation section of the Festival of Short Films of Ravansar Province 2012 under the title “Islamic Awakening” 2012
10 – Parish of Hoik Khonari Sanandey Province of 2014

Other activities:
1- Collaboration in the creation of “selfish cricket” animations (“Vienna Bits”, “Color and Background”) “Step by step on the Moon” (character design, Vienna beats and history board). “Bite Vienna” “Palestinian children” (producer), Goli shoes in three parts (Character Design.Bite Vienna, Story Board) Experience (character design and story), “Stay Healthy” (director). Blfnjk and Tooth Worm (character design and script), Small Center in Kermanshah
2- The artist and character-designer “Blfnk” in the childhood and adolescence programmed the network Zagros Kermanshah
3- Cartoonist and designer of the publication: Movafaghiat. Time, Tore (handmade carpets) Two weekly magazines “My City”
4- Writer of the essay of Moovafagiath and member of the editorial board of the electronic network. The Aftab website. Head of the Art plate monthly “Safaye Sokhan”
5- Script writer for half-length animation 45 minutes Blfnjk, Dental Worm. Production and creation of the central television animation center Kermanshah.
6- Writing of the screen game animation Green Soldier by request of IRIB center Znjan.

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