Mogensen Jorgen

Copenhagen, Denmark

16.03.1922 - 01.05.2004

Cartoonist, comic artist, lithographer, sculptor

Mogensen. Jorgen, Danish cartoonist, lithographic artist and sculptor born in Hillerod. Denmark, in 1922. Оrgen Mogensen. married to cartoonist Gerda Nystad. He is one of Europe’s most intelligent cartoonists, although his specialty today is the comic strip.

He made his debut, as did so many other cartoonists of his generation, in the monthly humor magazine Hudibras and was an editor and a contributor of several hundred gag cartoons from 1946. The Magic Artist (1947) was his original and surprising renewal of the comic strip tradition, a surrealistic play with concepts. He made a name for himself with the internationally syndicated comic strip Poeten og Lillemor (1948), on which three films wore based, and with the pantomime strip Alfredo, on which he collaborates with Siegfried Cornelius under the joint signature “Moco.” Especially well known is his daily panel Esmeralda (also called Lullabelle), one-column cartoons about lovely, not-so-dumb blonde, syndicated through PIB, Copenhagen, to about fifty newspapers and magazines.

Mogensen has also done some sculpting and has had numerous exhibitions, as well as doing some writing. But his forceful, elegant drawing style and at times completely unsurpassed sense of humor have secured him a leading position among European humorists.

Reference: The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981


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