Milutka Evgeniy

Moscow, Russia



Was born on October 29, 1946 in Moscow.
Graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute in 1968, majoring in Russian Language and Literature Teacher.
Worked as a high school teacher.
In the early 1970s collaborated as a cartoonist with leading Moscow newspapers and magazines: “Trud”, “Moskovskaya Pravda”, “Moskovskie Novosti”, “Sovetskaya Kultura”, “Spark”, “Change”, etc. Also, he cooperated with the newspapers of the Union Republics: “Baltic” (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), “Peretz” (Ukraine).
His success was largely promoted by the collaboration with the famous comic magazine “Crocodile”, where he began publishing in 1976. The collaboration lasted for almost 10 years.In the same period, Eugene Milutka became a member of the Creative Union of Artists.
Contributed regularly to the popular children’s magazine “Funny Pictures”.
In the mid-80s, E. Milutka began to paint political caricatures for leading Soviet newspapers.
Not a day went by without a burning caricature in the newspapers: “Izvestia”, “Pravda”, “Young Guard” (Perm).
In the 90s he became interested in graphics and sold his works on the Arbat Street like many other artists at that time.
Illustrated such books as the novel by M. Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita” and the “Island Squad” by G.Oster.
Gained special popularity for his “Mice and Cats” series, where successfully and skillfully were combined the caricature and graphic talents of the artist.

Participation in exhibitions:

1976 – “Crocodile -50!” (Moscow)
1978 – “The Best Cartoonists” (Moscow)
1981 – Berlin (GDR)
1985 – Bulgaria
1986 – Ancona (Italy)
1994 – “Funny Pictures” (Moscow)
1999 – The Best Cartoonists of Russia (Moscow)

BEC 2011

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