Mets Hillar

Tallinn, Estonia

Cartoonist, art editor

Was born in 1954
Artistic editor in the magazine “Picker”.
He draws cartoons since 1978.
They are printed in many domestic and foreign publications, including catalogs of international exhibitions.
His best works were published in the catalogs of the exhibition “Over the winners do not joke!”, “What’s funny?”, The exhibition of the Baltic cartoon “Homo sapiens” (Vilnius, 1981, 1984), as well as in the exhibition catalogs in Gabrovo (1981), Ancona and Tolentino (Italy, 1981), Skopje and Cragne-
Vachi (Yugoslavia, 1981), in the album “Sixteen Authors”.
Participated in all-Union and international exhibitions in Vilnius (1981, 1984), Leningrad (1981); Riga (1985), Gabrovo (1980), Ancona (1981), Tolentino (1981), Tokyo (1980, 1981), Skopje (1981) and Kragnevace (1981). Despite such frequent publications, he was not tired of joking, and therefore he draws and paints everything.

A series of “Masters of the Soviet cartoon” ed. Soviet Artist 1989


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