Mesarosh Andras

Cartoonist, poster artist

About myself

Born in 1923 in Budapest and immediately very loudly cried. My parents decided that I was destined to be a military man. But later, as the family legend says, I became a modest and quiet boy and although I was interested in the life of snakes, frogs and spiders, I passed the entrance exam to art school. Having finished her class of graphics, he became a poster artist. In parallel, he worked seven years as a journalist, but in the end this marriage union of the two professions disintegrated – the upper part was taken by the artistic principle.
Now I am a staff member of the newspaper Nepsabadshag, the central organ of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party. In addition, I work a lot for other newspapers and magazines, I gladly illustrate books in my spare time.
He received a number of awards at Hungarian and foreign exhibitions – in Moscow, Montreal, Skopje, Krakow, Tolentino. In 1978 he was awarded the Munchachi State Prize, established for artists.
In view of my natural modesty, I want to stop here. I can not say anything definite about the future, but I do not lose my hopes.

From the book Balazh BALAZH-PIRI, Andrash MEASAROSH of the series “Masters of the cartoons of socialist countries” by the publishing house “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1983.


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