Mendes Suarez Pedro

Santa Clara, Cuba


Cartoonist, illustrator

Pedro Mendes Suarez . An outstanding humorist and cartoonist. Born on March 19, 1946 in Villa Clara, Cuba.

He was the editor-in-chief of the humorous weekly Melaito in Villa Clara and president of the UNEAC in the province. He graduated from the Leopoldo Romagnac Provincial School of Plastic Arts in drawing and painting and from the University of Havana with a degree in journalism.

He has held 10 Solo exhibitions and more than 30 group exhibitions at the main venues of the country. Participated in more than 12 foreign exhibitions of cartoons: Italy, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Yugoslavia, Poland and Japan.

He was a member of the jury in several national caricature competitions, in the International Biennale of Humor in San Antonio de los Banos and in the International Biennale in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, in 1983.

His cartoons in Cuba have been published in DDT, Palante, Bohemia, Coordenadas, Revista Mi Barri and in provincial newspapers Vanguardia, Santaclareño, Arimao, Ahora de Holguín and others.

Released a personal collection of cartoons “De Todo un Poco” Editorial Pablo de la Torriente, and his works appear in eight collective collections from the editorial office of Capiro (Santa Clara), the editorial office of Oriente and other Cuban publishers.

Abroad, his works have been published in the weekly Dikobrás Weekly in Czechoslovakia, in Sterchel in Bulgaria, The Crocodile in the former USSR, Ludis Matis in Romania, Chocarreros in Mexico, El Buho in Germany, Quevedo magazine in Spain, in Collective Books in Japan, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Bulgaria, USSR, Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.


  • Collective exhibition at the International Biennale of Humor in San Antonio de los Banos. 2001 .
  • Collective exhibition at the UNEAC Hall in Santa Clara, 2001
  • Collective exhibition of personal caricatures of cultural figures of Villa Clara (oil/canvas), Casa de la Ciudad, Santa Clara. 2001 .
  • The theme of the International Competition “Music”, Brazil. 2001 .
  • Collective exhibition of Melaito in the House of Culture of Cifuentes. 2001.
  • Invited to the exhibition and as a member of the jury at the 1st International Exhibition Visuarte, Cienfuegos. 2001.

Awards received

National Awards:

For his more than 30 years of work as a cartoonist, he has received more than 50 National Awards at various competitions in the country.

  • National Humor Award 2018 .
  • Horacio Rodriguez Suria
  • Juan David DDT Biennale
  • Humoranga San Antonio de los Banos
  • Graphic advertising
  • July 26
  • Barrientos in memory
  • Award for popularity at the XII International Biennale of Humor in San Antonio de los Banos in 2001.

International awards:

  • Prize of the International Organization of Journalists, awarded at the IX International Biennale of Humor, San Antonio de los Banos.
  • Silver Medal for Political Humor, VII International Biennale of Humor, San Antonio de los Banos.
  • Gold medal of the Peace Contest , former USSR, 1980
  • Mention Cartoon Humor General, Yugoslavia. onethousandninehundredeightynine
  • Bronze Medal International Biennale of Humor (Political Humor), San Antonio de los Banos, 1981
  • Silver Medal for Political Humor . 1985
  • Two awards, one in the field of political humor and a mention in the field of general humor at the DDT Biennial, humor of the end of the century. twothousand
  • Victoria de Chiron Award International Humor Biennale. onethousandninehundredeightyone
  • Weekly Palante Award, International Humor Biennale. onethousandninehundredninetyseven
  • Gold medal at the International Humor Biennale . nineteen ninety – five
  • Award for the most popular cartoon at the International Humor Biennale. San Antonio de Vanna. twothousandone


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